Monday, June 05, 2006

Time to Make the Donuts

for the Summer issue. Sheesh, all those times you wonder why it's been six months and the editors of the journal you've submitted to haven't gotten back to you, it's because we're buried, under submissions, design, administrative tasks, promotion, all in the few hours each day when we're not working, working out, eating, spending time with our loved ones. It is never-ending.

But we wouldn't do it if we didn't love every minute of it.


Blogger Robert Austin Meacham said...

The Creation

1. Faceless and void the darkness of the deep
Hovered without existence and laid helpless.
The spirit speaks; I am the vessel who sees all things
Even those things of death brought to life.

Darkness shall not exist with light
Therefore, it shall become so that
A firmament keeps the separate pose
A division of light and the darkness

Therefore, still the waters bled covering all
Shall I gather and keep it resting calm and
Separate for I am who speaks to the dust
And it shall dwell as earth.

Earth’s breast, seed from itself shall give
All in itself a life of vegetation and thirst
About for life. The mist will rise and give life.
Search thee not for root unfounded.

I give thee the brightest
Courage in the sun and galaxy to light the way
And for a calm, I give thee a moon that
Shall hover all who searches for their way.

Arise now, all life in great lots coming
From the sea’s belly, such the great whale
And high in the heavens shall hold
Aloft the fowl given life.

Bestowed on what is done the
Goodness shone its brilliance
The spirit speaks; Gain in likeness
And yield one after the other with blessings.
The seas filled in profusion and the
Winged creatures soared the heavens.

Arisen from the earth , born of the like
Large animals and small answered the
Spirit’s command to exist, even the smallest
Living creature that crawled on its belly.

In likeness of the spirit, man and woman
Appeared out of the spoken will and
Were given the command over all
Living things, so charged to discipline
All that moved in the seas, air, and earth.

Observe the land that bears the essence
From trees of sustenance given you
And upon the earth, the herb of life
For the fowl, beasts and life that roams.

2. Accordingly, the creation completed
By the spirit Lord God and so sanctified
Therefore the beginning, the new epoch
Filled the void and all was good.

I wasn't doing anything , so I thought I would begin retelling the Bible in poetic voice.

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